Monday, April 26, 2010

The morning after

I'm feeling pretty good this morning after having a sneeze and cough fest last evening. Of course I sat and stared at the numbers for lap times this year along with some of my competitors times and then glanced back to last years results. As much as I tried to get a real feel of where I'm at it's very hard because both my races this year I've gone into with tired legs. The Homage to Ice race had me doing a 4 hour ride the day before and then of course this past Saturday had me at just under 5 hours. I didn't do this last year, makes sense I went faster last year, I think.

This is sometimes the hardest thing, going into a race knowing that you are not going to be a threat in anyway what so ever, but I looked at it this way. I could have chilled at home and did intensity by myself and for less time or I could go out, have fun, race and chase for 2 hours with a bunch of friends. I find it's easier for me to push for the 2 hours when surrounded by others than doing those abusive intervals alone.

I have to admit that I'm very interested on knowing where my legs are at when not tired. I've seen what I've done on the road, I don't expect to see that until the first 8 hour even though Albion may see me feeling a little more feisty than I was yesterday. Today will be a chill ride on the rail trail. The fixie is calling my name. The sun is out and it's supposed to hit sandal temperatures today. Recovery days are great!

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