Friday, April 2, 2010

Blinding the world

It finally happened, no full lengths, no knee warmers, just pure unprotected gleaming bright white legs came out in full force for yesterday's road ride. I don't think I put any cars in to the ditch with the glare but I did have one asshole near the end of the come right beside me and nail the horn to try and scare me. I know what your car looks like buddy, not hard to remember and red necked Buick. You know the kind that was bought off a little old lady cheap and 2 minutes from her house they already have 2 hubcaps come flying off because they think it's a sports car. Unfortunately I didn't catch the plate number that would have be phoned into my cop friend who also happens to be a cyclist and road safety advocate. The stories.

It was a non spectacular ride with a lot of loops of a few back country paved roads, some long zone 3 intervals to do. My body is still feeling the results of the couple days ago bump with the pavement but that is to be expected and with the summer like conditions I could have had a broken leg and I would have still been out riding.

Had a couple firsts for 2010 happen yesterday, the first chasing dog of the season. In between intervals a big black lab type dog came barrelling across the yard. I had lot's of advanced warning, clicked a couple gears harder and stood in preparation. He/she has yet to shed the winter weight and didn't keep the pace for very long. The second fun thing was a smell, is that, yes I think it is. The smell of sweat. I kinda forgot what it was like. It was warm enough that I was actually sweating or it was because I didn't have seven layers between my body and the outside world that trapped the odour. Either way it was a great sense.

Another 2.5 hour ride, rolled in as the sun was setting and wasn't shivering. I like this way to much. Set rest day, high of 26 today. May make a cruise on the fixie as a warm up for tomorrow evenings mayhem fixie ride. I'll be trying to get some colour on those white sticks I stand on.


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