Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Looking ahead

We're only out a few days from the first Ontario Cup and it's sounding like it may be a little bit of an upheaval. Guys that were supposed to be gone are no longer going to their planned destination. Apparently plans don't do well in volcanic ash. I'm pretty sure there will be a few with very high hopes for this weekends race results a little disappointed now.

As for me, well I don't really expect much since I'll be training hard the day before when everyone else is resting. Almost positive that I won't get a pre ride in this year. It's Mansfield, I've seen the course map, nothing to exciting or different. Some up and some downs. I'll be spending Saturday morning put in some long miles instead, roughly a 5 hour ride. Why, all for a great cause.

Of course I'm planning on riding as early as I possibly can, thoughts of a 7 am start are in the mix and with high hopes with plans to spend the rest of the day with my legs up and relaxing. It's looking like a typical 2009 race weather at this point, rain. I'll be honest, let it rain during these short races all it wants. It's the long events I care about. I can be wet and cold for 2 hours and deal with it, I'm hoping for no repeats of a certain 24 hour conditions of years past.

On the training front, up and down my favourite little hill a bunch of times with Nascar turns to the left. No crashes, no spectator friendly excitement, just some tired legs afterwards. Tomorrow will have something a little new.

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John Bragdon said...

I hear ya re: rain..last year was my first solid attempt at solo'ing the 8's and 24's and we all know what happend during the Summer Solstice..

Tommy Hanrahan directed me to your blog man....great motivation to get my ass out there as well to prep for the 8's and 24's this year.

Keep it up, looking forward to seeing your name in the top ranks...keep it up