Saturday, April 10, 2010

The premorning morning

It's the day before the day of the official start of the 2010 race season. I'm doing my usual Saturday morning thing of 6ish am wake up time, a pot of really good Kicking Horse coffee, this morning is Three Sister and staring at my computer. The sun is up, the snow has gone, for good I hope and I'm starting to plan out the day.

I'm not sure if I'm nervous, excited or impatient about the first race. Maybe it's just wanting to get it done and see how the legs are at. To know if what was done during the winter made me faster? If what other's have done during the winter has made them faster? Who has been dogging it etc.

It's only a 50 km race which for me is pushing to the low side of what I'm good at. I'd had a random thought thrown at me about doing the 10 am 25 km race then do the 50 km right afterwards. The temptation is there, it could possibly happen, it will be a game day thought. I'll see what today brings. As much as a few of the boys are resting up today I do have to ride my bike today, a little longer than most would think but this is all for the greater cause. 4 days of down time I have some cob webs to get out of the legs.

There could be an interesting battle tomorrow amongst a couple of the boys, a little show down between the twins and one of the Trek team riders. I'm not sure if Peter is aware that his last year's run in with Juice Boy was minor in comparison to what that Shake'N"Bake twins have up their sleeve.

HMMM I'm wondering if a bike seat is as comfortable as my couch, it's seeming like it's been forever. More coffee before I find out.

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