Wednesday, April 14, 2010

no repeat during repeats

It's happened, it's taken all the fear out of any corner. At least for the next 5 months. The street sweepers have been through and the roads are looking perfect and grippy for those skinny little road tires. Of course last night I was out on that same hill around the exact same time doing the exact same thing. Only this time I decided to keep to what Nascar does best and only turn left. The only thing to get trashed this time were my legs.

I would say that Sunday's race did open up the lungs a little, I could feel a little burn in there that will obviously become one of those things that you begin to enjoy. Right now it lets me know where my top end is at and it currently burns. It's not something I should see a doctor about, excuse is it supposed to burn when I....

Now that I have a race under me I debate about my decision on skipping Paris to Ancaster. It's not changing but I will say that I kinda would like to see the possible carnage at this race. For those going, I'm not letting the full story out but just imagine what could happen when you put two elite riders riding something that probably shouldn't be even on gravel. It could be worth the drive to check things out. Naww. The logistics is what has me staying local. It's such a long season again that having a sane weekend will be nice.

MMMMM sweet coffee. I'm trying to purge the poor excuse of coffee from yesterday's seminar out of my system. This seems to work with a 2-1 ratio, 2 good to kill one bad cup. I feel sorry for my customers today.

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Peter Keiller said...

i feel sorry for your customers every day.
but that's the kind of guy i am.