Friday, April 16, 2010

Information overload

Have you ever wondered if you just have way to much to think about when your riding, well beyond just turning your legs and not riding into random objects. Last night during the ride I had some tempo work to do and in some case I think my brain exploded.

I have the power tap now for a few weeks and I'm started to get my power zones matched with my heartrate for the bottom end and the top end, it's one right in the middle that I'm still working on. Staring at the power tap display, then at my hr display, then at the road then at the hr, back to the road. Luckily there is no law about this, honest officer I was watching the road not the little display. I didn't see the kid, he came out of no where.

I think I need a mount for my Iphone on the other side then I can write this while on those long rides.

Sometimes I wonder if having all this info takes some of the fun out of riding, just pedal and look around. But then there is me being a numbers geek I like to over analyze everything so I will say that I love having all this info. Let's me know if my continued push to the next level is actually happening or not. Also makes me feel better when I question if I have gotten faster and seem to still be chasing others who have done the same. Why does it seem that everyone steps it up a level all at the same time. Stop it dammit!!!!!!!!!!!

After the coaching stuff and my brain exploding I did do some of that just riding along stuff. Out on some random country roads, sometimes battling a cruel head wind, sometimes enjoying super hero speeds with that now tail wind.

The weather was down right amazing and summer like, those tan lines are starting to show and it gave me a craving for a great refueling device for later in the evening. Since I always leave the house with some money in my jersey for that just in case, the just in case happen to be a stop at the lcbo for 3 cans of Hockley dark. Good stuff. It would have been Guinness but since they only sell it in 4 packs and I only have 3 pockets in the jersey I had a slight dilemma. Yes, I know I could have drank one of them. I got strange enough looks just going into the store in full kit, the last thing I needed to do was give the image that all cyclists are drunks by chugging a beer in front of the store.

Great ride, 1:45, somewhere in the middle of the minimum/maximum that the coach listed for time. The weekend is coming, the rain is coming, there is a race on. HMMMM sound familiar.

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