Monday, April 5, 2010

And I'm spent

Yesterday was the last day of a three week training block and my legs were feeling it. So was the rest of the body. Still a little achy from my contact with the road last week and with that amongst everything else the legs were feeling a little tired. There were options of the day for my ride but all seemed to funnel to one choice. The road. After a couple texts of criticism I was off.

The bigger reason for the road was the distance I was planning. I've yet to find a convenience store on the trails and with just over 4 hours of riding to do I was probably going to need to top up a bottle or two. Yes, I know they make camelbaks. My thoughts on those things are not exactly high. For today, 3 bottles, 8 dollars and a cell phone was all that was needed.

I had a general route laid out, heading west towards Awenda Park. Depending on the legs and time I may or may not do that loop. Well all the extra lefts and rights I added in before the start up Champlain Road made my decision.

This is one of the nicest roads in the area, if they would only repave it.

I kept the power and hr on the low side of my endurance pace for the first two hours. No real reason but the fact that I was a little tired and the legs were not in a great mood to start out.

It's hard to tell but those are ski resorts over there and that was where we were last weekend. The hills on the side of the bay are a little smaller.

The last hour of my ride I picked up the pace, the legs started feeling happy and so was I. It may have been because of the big Easter dinner the family had planned only a couple hours later. MMM food I don't have to cook.

4.25 hours, tired legs and one other bonus. A cold. I felt it coming on Saturday night. I guess if you are going to get one during a rest week is the best time. There also seems to be the best rest week weather coming in. Rain for the week which will help keep me under control of extracurricular activities. The trails could use it also. Speaking of trails, the first race is now less than a week away. 50km should be a great test of the legs.

Last day of the 4 day weekend, what to do, what to do, what not to do!!!!

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