Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A tragedy avoided

Am I weak? Am I fearful? i don't know fully but I know that I was afraid to go outside yesterday. I saw potential death from more than one means. Between the cold which I just was not in the mood to deal with, living in cottage country as it's called is amazing all the time except when it's cold because it's always colder here than what they say it is. Something about that huge body of water 500 feet away from me.

I could have put on more clothes and said toughen up boy!! but the cold was the least of my concerns. The 50 km/h winds are what scared me. Ok it wasn't really 50 km/h the whole time, it was 30 but then it would blast up that high which of course was more often than it wasn't. Driving the toaster box during the day I was fighting to stay in my lane as were most other cars. This was my fear. I can picture the newspaper headline now.

Local cyclist dead, this most horrific crash was caused by the incredibly powerful wind yesterday, details are still limited at this time but it's looking like there was a head on collision with multiple parties that included a cyclist, a house and a witch, The witch was coming from the east the cyclist from the west with the house's direction still not fully known at this time but it's final resting place was on top of the other two parities. This tragedy could have been avoided.

And it was, I hid indoor in the scary ugly room watching Offroad to Athens on the trainer and randomly looking out the window thinking it doesn't look to bad out there. Then I would see tumbleweeds, tree branches, cows, and Bob the cat blow by the house. Yep, good choice.

Legs are feeling a questionable from the power workout but I think at this point in the training block they are exactly where they should be at. I don't think I'll hide inside today, the trainer is interesting and it's nice to watch a movie while training, maybe I need to strap my laptop to the TCR, I think there is room on the bars, barely.



The Vegan Vagabond said...

I think you've finally pedaled yourself crazy, Dorothy.

Too much trainer!

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