Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where I belong

Not much going on right now, my cold is subsiding, finally. It's been 3 days off the bike and it feels like an eternity. It's not been that bad though, the days of rainbows and butterflies have been rain and mud flying.

A final decision has been made for the Ontario and Canada Cup series, I'll be racing with my own. Yes, I'll be racing with all the people my own age. no more mid life crises. There were a few different reasons for this, one is that I am turning 37 this year and racing against guys that I'm old enough to be there Father was just not as fun a thought as I was hoping last year. I'll still be fighting tooth and nail to make the top 10 racing with the master's.

There will be one really nice thing about starting with these guys, no more starting at the back of the pack and then dealing with huge amounts of traffic. This will be a bonus for me being a little slow off the line and usually battling my way back up in even my own division. Hey, I'm an endurance racer, I just start feeling good when an O-cup comes to an end. There are some old friends racing in this division also so a few good match ups should happen also.

Weekend plans are looking good, first Saturday group ride is on the plate. I'll keep it pretty low key and save some legs for Sunday's adventure to Mansfield. I'm debating back in forth on what bike to race on. Thoughts of spending some time on the hardtail before an O cup have crossed my mind but I really really love my Anthem's Game day decision

Attempts will be made to ride tonight, have a feeling that the trainer may get a little use.

For your cycling amusement you have to check out this video. These are my friends, they ride bikes, sometimes fast, sometimes dangerously. In this case the later. Interestingly I'm racing tag team at Solstice with Tristan. Could the competition get a little nervous knowing the measures that could be taken during the race to try and secure a win.

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