Saturday, April 3, 2010

Return of the past

Yesterday was a tough day, it was a scheduled rest day which of course on the hottest day of the year was very cruel. After a long walk with the Molly Monster the plan for the day was to work on the shop. Things came along great, getting closer to the finished product or more to the point where I don't mind taking a break from it. It's gone from the shady looking building to Uncle tom's cabin to now a nice board and batten shop. Finally.

Now back to that walk, first up. i am not a walker, I can handle hiking in the bush while camping but a walk out on the road is just plain boring but the walk had a destination. As I pushed along I had lots of memories of the past coming back to me. Times in my late teens and early twenties. It was about a car. It was about a car that our family owned. Yes I was walking to pick up a car. Yes I love cars almost as much as I love biking, in my past life of an unhealthy person all I did was work on cars. Some history of my car life included the first person in the area to customize a Honda Civic. I know nothing new now a days but this was in the early 90's and it was an 1984 Civic. Of course back then when everyone was into Mustangs and Camero's everyone laughed a bit. If they only knew what was to come. From there my list included a Dodge Daytona, Acura Integra and an Acura Legend. All far from stock.

As I got older my practical side started to kick in and so did cycling so vehicles were a little more low key, a couple big trucks, Subaru Legacy GT wagon to the current Audi and Honda Element. But I always kept looking for a car of my past as a toy. Of course growing up in the 80's and 90's there were a lot of bad trends and not much that I wanted. I also didn't want to spend an excessive amount of money on something that will sit a huge amount of time. The other thought was not buying something that would get me in trouble with things like speeding tickets. Yes, I have a heavy foot and a twin turbo charged 6 cylinder Audi is a bad enough influence for a person with weak self control when it comes to speed. So what did I go and get.

I bought a Fiero. Stop laughing. There is some history to this car. My Dad had bought one for my Mom as an anniversary present back in the late 80's. A 6 cyl standard. It was the most comfortable car to drive and just down right fun. Eventually that car went through the whole family with my sister taking it to the west coast, my parents taking it to the east coast and then myself using it as a day to day car. We all loved driving it. The funny thing was watching any of us get in it since we are all tall and this thing is so tiny, until you get inside. You are stretched out, it's like being in a lazy boy. There are lots of other stories about that car that I won't put up here since I know Mom reads this and would probably yell at me if she knew.

So how did this come about. I've been looking online for the last few months, just watching and debating. Then I happen to be out for a road ride on one of my regular roads and i saw something that caught my eye. A white Fiero that looked identical to the one we used to have for sale. I'd seen the car before at this house and always had memories pop into my head. Of course I had to stop. There were a few days of this as i watched it, eventually I stopped over and took it for a test drive. A couple days after that was a second drive followed by handing the gentleman his for sale sign. That was Thursday night.

The car needs a little bit of work but overall is in amazing shape. I'll play around with it over the course of the summer. I'm not in a rush, so many other things are higher on the to do list. Will you see me driving this to a race. I doubt it but I think it will be a fun summer toy for those Sunday afternoon cruises. Molly likes it, she sits closer to the window. A two seater could be interesting those if someone else shows up in my life, Molly may be forced to stay home. She may not like the toy as much.

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