Sunday, April 11, 2010

The first and last??

It's race day, I'll give the run down tonight/tomorrow. The Anthem is as ready to go as the rider is. There is definitely going to be a little drama at the start line if Peter makes his way over today, him and the Shake'N'Bake twins could turn into an early season Nascar crash scene. For me I have some realistic goals for the results, as for strategy. Hell I'll tell it now, I'm going to pin it off the line and stay full throttle till I either cross the line or I blowed up realllllll good.

Backing up a few hours there was still training to do and it even included playing with others. Headed to Midland for the first group ride of the year, it was a nice run along the rail trail and took an hour to get there. The chilly wind was an interesting way to get warmed up. So knowing that everyone was going to be on road bikes and the pace was going to be pretty sane I did what I would normally do, rebel, and jumped on the no ready for racing Anthem, locked out the suspension, did not change tires or raise the air pressure. This would either be a really good thing or really bad idea.

Rolled into the parking lot and got a few strange looks right from the start. Hey, it's me what could I expect. It turned out to be a great first group ride showing with 14ish making their way out in the crisp temperature. I was a little concerned on how high the pace could go though because a few of the local fast guy roadies did show, on my road bike I wouldn't be concerned but trying to keep things sane for me along with only having a 44-12 as a max could make for some people being dropped off the back, mainly me. This didn't happen, pace was pretty good and my legs were feeling great. I put my time in at the front pulling as well. A great loop through Lafontaine and Farlane Lake. This will probably be one of my only group rides with the crew though since training regiment usually doesn't allow it. I'm hoping this won't be the first and last group ride of the season with the Midland crowd.

After two hours with them I still had the hour to get back to the house. The weather was a little more favourable, I think that was because I now had a tail wind. The last hour was spent on the rail trail trying to figure out how my heart rate monitor was still working. About halfway through the ride the strap broke and the sensor slowly made it's way towards my stomach area but yet seemed to be transmitting a pretty accurate number. Either I've gotten skinny enough that my pulse can be taken on just about any body part now or I've grown a second heart in my belly. I think it's the second heart and it's right beside my newly developed third lung, I just need to start to make both of them work together.

4 hours of play time, body was opened up a bit and hopefully ready for today. Easy decision was made, no double duty racing today just the 50 km. There are races everywhere today including Guatemala where Mr. Watson is representing Canada. Not sure if there will be a live feed of the race anywhere, if anyone knows please send me the link. A little more coffee to drink then it's off to ride at a vomit inducing pace. Later.

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