Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't think, just pedal

That is pretty much my mantra for training and racing. Know what I need to do and just do it. Yesterday said active recovery and my coach even suggested something along the lines of a very easy flat road ride. You mean like the rail trail?? Yes, like the rail trail. I like going slow, I'm really good at it.

It was that perfect conditions though for a nice 50 minute tour on the fixie. I cruised at a pace that I could actually gawk at the scenery, nice change. I didn't make my way over to the pub as tempting as it was, I intentionally left my wallet at home. I did start thinking about the weekend coming up though. There are options but I spent the ride crossing them off or repositioning them in a I want to do this but if the weather does this then I will do that type order.

My thoughts of heading to Substance Project's festival has gone out the window. As much as it's also a good charity event mixed with the bike race I'm just not feeling the travelling right now. What has come up now actually has me a little excited. I've wanted to do one of these but normally training or other race dates have clashed. I think I may do my first ever road race this weekend.

The first interclub road race is this Sunday. A fun little battle between Midland, Barrie and Newmarket's club. The biggest thing for me is how I approach it and this will be weather dependent, I have a 5 hour road ride and a ride with a bunch of intensity to do this weekend. It's figuring out how to incorporate this race into one of those rides. I'm planning on running the powertap so I could stare at my computer for hours on end with all that good data. Now of course if it pours rain like they have predicted this could all fall short. I have this little fear of trusting my cycling season in the hands of others on wet slick roads. These events have a hug fix of riding abilities and adding some rain in the mix could be the catalyst for something bad. Ok maybe I'm just over thinking things. Like usual. A simple reminder to myself, don't think, just pedal!!!!

Better thought, don't think, drink coffee. I'm there for that one!!

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jenn said...

i live by the mantra "don't think, just pedal". It's the only way i can get up all those hills :)