Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's like this, It's like that, It's like this

I did at least look at a bike, I even touched one as I brought the Anthem out of the basement where it will be heading for a spa day with the Shake'N'Bake twins. They are to bike tuning what I am to appliances service. The original plan of the MNS ride fell apart pretty quick and I was not complaining. Had a couple yawning sessions during the day it didn't disappoint me to much to have the night off. The coach would be happier with that thought also.

It was the fix me up day though at Dr. Bill's clinic. Because of the timing of the long weekend it was two weeks since I'd seen him last, yep right before my little match up with the pavement so I was pretty happy to be in there. Took him about half a second before making a comment on my body alignment but he did at least slide one compliment in there. "It's not the worst position I've seen you in", Oh ya?? "Remember when you hit that tree with your head??" Thanks for that reminder Doc. Like usual though I came out of there feeling amazing. Body issues you have to see this guy!!!

From there it was an evening of what to do or more what not to do. Well since apparently I'm the king of the hicks so I did what hicks do when they are bored. I burn things. A little outside yard work with a match. No I'm not a fire bug, I burn for survival and heat, honest.

It's extra early in a day in the life of me, about 30 minutes ahead of schedule. I'm working on getting as much coffee into me as possible this morning because it's going to be one of those day I want to stab out my eyes. I have to sit in a big square room all day listening to possibly the worst presenter out there, his nickname is monotone Bob. His whole presentation will be one long sentence. It's a new product introduction day for one of the manufactures I work for. The good is I get to see old friends from other service areas, the bad is I probably already worked on all these units, found the problems and quirks and tricks to cure it already. Perk of the area I work in is the product I see before everyone else. It is a free all you can eat lunch which is the only saving grace.

It's back at it tonight.

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