Monday, April 19, 2010

My big backyard

Yesterday was the Paris to Ancaster race and guess what, I wasn't there. I had more fun doing what I did. I'll say that it would have been cool to see the twins destroy the field on the tandem but that would have been the extent of the excitement for me. Instead I went to my favourite backyard playground, Copeland forest.

I had multiple time agenda, part for my coach and part for being a tour guide. Rolled into the parking lot just a few minutes after 9. It was empty, probably because it was cold but the sun was out, put on another layer of clothing and pulled the hardtail off the roof. I'm still making my body get used to this bike. Some good warm up time on the double track sections before diving into the trails. It didn't take long to get warm. Pretty much the opposite of Saturday. I was also scoping out some potential routes for my soon to be tour guide of the day. Let's just say the recon work was very much worth it. As I was making my way back towards the parking lot after an hour and a half of riding I found the bottom of the berms. Yes they exist and they have been so close all the time. Back to the car.

So if you had the choice of racing your cross bike with 1900 rider or riding in one of the best trail systems with an attractive female cyclist who can ride very fast what would you do? Exactly. It didn't take to much to convince Robin to come out of the city for a few hours riding. Armed with a new loaner bike she was pretty excited. For me, I switched bikes to something a little more forgiving to the body. No I don't normally bring 2 bikes on any rides but with a plan for me to finish up with close to 5 hours of riding the thoughts of that on a hardtail did not impress my back to much. Out comes the Anthem.

For the next 3.5 hours we made random lefts and rights, I warned her that in her you randomly become lost for many minutes then link to a trail that you know exactly where you are. this place is huge and we even hit up some trails that I didn't even know existed. There was huge amounts of climbing followed by amazing fast single track descents that had both of us smiling at the bottom. Speaking of climbs, comment was brought up about the little ring being used, yes it was me that shifted into it. It didn't take long before Robin was doing the same. For those that have never ridden Copeland there are climbs that you just don't have a choice. Wait you do, little ring or walk, pick one.

I'd checked my watch a few times and was actually shocked that we had been out as long as we had and we were still in the middle of nowhere. We started to make our way to the berms. There is no better way to finish up a ride. Those trips to Joyride 150 paid off. Flash backs of the pump track had you nailing the corners a little higher and a little faster. Let's just say that grown ups can giggle in the right situation. We finished up riping down the 5th line downhill along with the 20 minutes of flat single track. Pressing stop on the watch had me with just a few minutes shy of 5 hours of riding. Of course there were a few breaks in there but the miles I needed were now in the legs.

The only thing needed in the parking lot is a restaurant, with a deck, and beer. Someone? Anyone? Great day in the trails that P2A could never match. I think that Robin may have a different look at the trails she rides daily now, I'm sorry for wrecking them on you.

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