Sunday, April 18, 2010

A simple comparision




NOT FUN!!!!!


NOT FUN, and yes I know that is ugly wall paper. I've yet to do any work in that particular room since I really don't like spending anymore time in there that need be. I think I watch more tv in that room though that I do anywhere else in the house.

As I rolled past the 2 hour mark yesterday I stared outside and noticed that all those trees had stopped moving. Did I make a mistake, should I have attempted to ride outside, am I being soft hiding inside on the trainer? Then a blast of wind and rain and snow showed. I'm fine in here.

Task was completed, no attempt to pull out my hair from boredom and managed to keep breakfast down during those harder than normal pace intervals. Most definitely not repeating that today. The sun is up, the coffee is great (like usual) and there are bikes to be ridden, outdoors.


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