Monday, May 17, 2010

I feel old

I have determined that my house has to many stairs and that my yard is way to big. of course that will change after a couple days but currently I wish I had ramps everywhere. I feel like I should after an 8 hour, of course having that long winter break of not suffering the first race is always a reminder of what type of a abuse the body takes.

To say that I'm a happy that these races are on a Saturday would be an understatement. Having a physical daily job and trying to attempt to work the day after one of these races would probably more painful than the race it self. I think most would agree. My lame attempt for a recovery ride was that, lame. It was more a coast as much as I could type ride. My original plan of using the fixed gear, like I do after every race was shot down extremely quickly. The reasons: I live on a hill, it's a 44-16 ratio, I needed to go up the hill. Of course all my neighbours know I race bikes and the last thing I can do is be scene pushing a bike up a hill. I opted for bike that happens to have a granny gear and made my best attempts to look like I was just gawking around and riding slowly intentionally. If they only knew.

Of course after a weak attempt to spin I needed to reward myself with mass amounts of calories. One of the other perks of racing on a Saturday, all day Sunday to consume food. An excessive amount to balance out the lack there of the day before. Some days that scale in the bathroom is a bad thing, other days it gives you a 3 day pass.

My wonderful coach has given me a couple chill days before it's back to turning the cranks, looks like my road bike will get a few miles to start things off. This week will be pretty chill, most of the crew is still in the other country of Quebec till the end of the weekend. Should be some good stories when they return and my house will increase in population for the week. There will be a couple u23 guys chilling here for the Hardwood Canada Cup. I have much yard work and home renovations, I may attempt to put them to work.

Time for more coffee, I've heard that it numbs the pain.

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