Thursday, May 20, 2010

My twin??

It was the return to all serious riding with a plan and a pace that needed to be done. It was nothing to killer, just a nice way of easing the legs back into things with some tempo work. With the instant return of spring/summer it's pretty green out there and the first thing I noticed was how much those wonderful leaves muzzle the strength of the wind.

Yet another great view!!

After taking care of the coaches work I figured I would tour along for a little bit. I seemed to get the attention of these three.

Then I kinda noticed what I was wearing and my bike colouring.

HMMM, a little to similar. Either the cow's have a really good colour fashion sense or I'm looking a little bovine.

Finished up pretty chill, it's funny how short an hour and a half ride seems after the first 8 hour race. Legs are feeling better and I'll be out for a little longer tonight in the wonderful heat wave working on my tan lines.

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