Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wrecking tan lines

I've worked so hard this year. Not on my riding level but on actually having tan lines. I've been preparing for a repeat of last season where the only section of my body that seemed to have a hint of warm summer colouring was the small gap where my socks ended and knee warmers began. I was a pale man last year. I planned on changing that this year and having the best arm and leg lines ever seen. I was well on my way to then yesterday I screwed it up.

Yesterday was spent off the bike and out on Georgian Bay with the canoe. No pictures, didn't even bring a phone with me. Just imagine the most amazing day on a quiet inlet. Lots of rock islands to swim off, no major boat traffic. Many hours on the water including some time in the water lead to me developing some very interesting colouring. It's a very nice light shade of red in places. All that work has gone out the window in one day. An overdose of Vitamin D and I'm an addict already looking for my next fix. It was a nice break off the bike. The Molly Monster is even trashed from all the swimming.

The evening was spent chilling. The house guests arrived at a good time. Cody and Andrew Lesperance rolled in mid evening. They only went past my secret entrance drive once or twice. A little tour guiding later today. Should be a good week as the countdown to the Hardwood Canada Cup begins.

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