Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Run fat girl run

Some say that you should never break the rule. Let sleeping dogs lie. Screw that since Molly is fat. Not the new North American fat that is now considered normal, just a little larger than she should be. This also means her endurance is pretty much shit. Well I'm to blame and I'm going to work on making the former fastest dog in Ontario Cycling fast again. How fast was she, well she has narscar'd more elite riders in one night than a typical Ontario Cup race, she has learned from the best when it comes to looking for lines that aren't taped.

Last night's ride was the start of the rebirth of the Molly Monster. Concerns of her ability not to bonk we rode over to my super close backyard single track that does not involve a 10 minute car ride. Yes, that is the name of the trail. It could be different for others but that is what it's known as from this house. The loop it self is only about 10 minutes but it's got everything mixed in there from pine tree open single track, double track climb, single track climb, rocky technical tight single track, hard packed fast flowing single track and to mix up all of it you just do the loop backwards. How all this managed to be squeezed into about 2-3 km I have no idea.

It was a nice active recovery ride for me and a chance to make sure everything was perfect on one of the Anthem's. Took a few minutes to remember the handling differences between the full suspension and the hardtail which I've spent more time on lately. Did I mention that I love the Anthem. Molly stayed in chase for the 3 laps and by the 3rd lap she seemed to be finding her base again. It's still a lot lower than it used to be, I was barely working and she was working hard to keep the pace. Not all that long ago it used to be the other way around, I do remember many rides where she would smoke past me on a climb, beat me to the top, sit down and stare at me with something like "nah nah nah nahh nah" coming out of her. Currently it's a gentle incentive from me, "COME ON FAT GIRL!!!" Revenge is sweet, it only took a couple years of waiting to get it.

A good hour spin for my legs, great base run for the monster. One bike checked, tuned and clean. The checklist for the week is getting a little smaller. 3 more days.

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Jason Hilimire said...

I hear ya, my dog could clock 30mph in a sprint at the end of a 3 hour ride, now she's struggling to run for an hour. Time to start her back on the program... though she's a bit even more delayed as she just got stitches in her leg after opening it up on a stick in the woods...