Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A typical day

So as some found out it was my birthday yesterday. According to some good friends I really old now. Some mornings I'll admit that I do feel really old. So what did I do for my birthday, well it was pretty much a regular day in my life. I think there are only a couple old age birthday's that are now worth celebrating and when I reach those there better be keys to a Porsche in that card to help get me through it.

After a normal day at work I loaded up the hardtail and headed with my favourite training partner to the 8th line for a very easy spin. The present from my coach was an active recovery ride. It's been a while since I've played at the 8th and there is not much in the line of climbing, it also has very similar trail conditions as Albion which was perfect for me to play with the almost final setup on the hardtail. I'm very happy seeing XTR on the bike.

The 8th is a place I used to ride all the time with the Molly Monster and I think back to her younger years where she would pretty much lead for the whole ride and I would battle to keep up with her as she had a rooster tail of dirt coming up behind her.

Unfortunately for her I've gotten faster with age and she has slowed down. She just doesn't have the same craving to run like she used to. She is a bit of a princess and would much rather chill on the couch.

A nice hour spin and it was back to my place where the recovery food of choice was cake. Luckily Mom and my Aunt were here to eat some of it otherwise I may or may not have eaten the whole cake myself. If things go well today I may need all those extra calories.

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