Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CTS Bike Club, round 2

This was a little more of an up close and personal with the CTS Bike Club. Met up with the crew at a really popular trail grid. I was one of the first to arrive and I just stared in awe as car after car pulled in the parking lot. Was talking to an old high school friend who is one of the original members and Wayne told me that their group rides have grown. Grown, it was a huge swarm. Everyone grouped together at the start and I swear there was a 100 of them. 15-20 for sure but I was just still stunned that this is what they get every ride. Makes the MNS group seem a little lame.

I've never seen such enthusiasm in a group of riders, skill and physical ability ranged but this was a no one gets dropped, ever type group and ride. For those wondering, it was even co-ed and it was a early 20-late 30 year age group. Members live in the Midland- Barrie areas. I continue to be stunned at the shear size of the group. Oh and that didn't include the whole club. We toured around the 7th line grid where there would be random stops at obstacles that people wanted to play on with the group watching.

This was the type of ride that I needed, FUN. No training regiment, no concern to even keep moving. Lot's of laughs etc. I almost felt that I was to serious to ride with the group at first, I think I was the only one wearing spandex, I don't own a pair of baggies but I think I may have to go shopping for a some after this. We continued on to another section of trail with Greg (club president) racing ahead to setup up for video. Greg is the former Vice President of the Mountainview Cycling Club but I would have to say that he has moved on and created something bigger and better.

At just shy of the 2 hour mark I could feel my energy starting to fade a little and still had a few things to do around the house in the last of the daylight. A huge thank you to everyone for such a great time and I took another infamous berm section back to the car and raced home. I got an email from another buddy this morning telling me that I missed the best part of the ride, the recovery food of wings and beer at the local pub. To give you an idea of how chill and fun thisgroup is, they are sponsored by Cellerman's Pub and Hockley Brewery. I'm a little jealous. Ok, I'm a lot jealous since I'm a fan of both.

Legs felt great after the ride, good to get them moving and I was able to sit comfortablly again on a bike seat after Saturday's fun. My upper body is still feeling a bit abused but recovering well. Good thing as it's back at it tonight with my road bike calling my name.

For those looking for a fun group to ride with, get a hold of the CTS Bike Club and have some fun. They are a group with open arms. Not like Peter who is middle finger in the air and is just grumpy.


Jacob said...

That only makes MNS seem lame because you never show up to ride

Matt Spak said...

I've missed 3 rides this year cut a little slack. Plus we can't compete with this clubs hear size

Greg Gorilla Brewer said...

thanks for the post! It was great to see you last-night. Go CTS Go!