Friday, January 28, 2011

3 for 3

Bike, what's that??? It was yet another play day on the sliding sticks. To make up for the lack of climbing the day before I found myself in the hills of Copeland. A little bit of a controlled paced this time with each of the climbs. Seems that not to many were out playing on the North trails with very few tracks in the dusting of fresh snow. This also meant I had a chance.

Achy Breaky is a nemesis of many, it has just enough pitch, just enough turning and just enough of camber on the one turn to make it a very difficult decent. I'm at about about 10% successful at getting down clean. Usually my late afternoon skis has already made that section icy, with a pretty crap line through the corners. Well today could have been a day to increase my success rate. Into a controlled snowplow through the first couple turns, woo hoo. As the trail starts to straighten out I start to bring the skis back to their natural position allowing speed to increase. It appeared that most did the same around the same place. Well a few must have panicked and built up a couple snow bumps. Of course I didn't respond quick enough and found myself on my side sliding, kicking up snow. Nobody saw it, maybe it didn't happen. I changed my percentage.

The rest of the ski was pretty uneventful. 800 feet of climbing in an hour, tempo heart rate up the climbs. The last 3 days racked up somewhere around 70- 75 km of sliding. This of course has left me a little sore in different places. An epic stretching session helped as the weekend approaches. What will be done? What will I do? Who will I play with? Where will it be? I just know it will be fun.`

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