Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yet another option

Yet another scheduling dilemma has appeared for the 2011 season. After another one of those evenings of pedaling and not getting anywhere I spent a little time surfing around that inter web that seems to be poplar now. This is what I found. As I scanned the already listed events for this spring I came to the month of May, more so the long weekend. This puts me in a debate on what to do.

Substance Projects is putting on a 100 miler, I want to do a 100 miler, I was going to go to the states in the near future to do a 100 miler. There were multiple reasons for a race in the states but the temptation to race in the backyard is making life tough. The following weekend is the spring 8 hour. It's one or the other. My thoughts on the 8 hour series has not changed but this is like a chocolate covered carrot held on a short pole feet in front of me. MMMM chocolate, not sure about the carrot though.

At first I thought I had the answer for my debate when it appears that the spring 8 hour was held at Albion. A little more key punching and I found out that it's still at Mansfield. Why was the interest in Albion, some nostalgia. I did my first ever 8 hour solo there, the results were far from spectacular but everyone starts near the bottom. It was a learning curve for sure, riding a Rocky Mountain Hammer hard tail. I was sore for a long time after that race, cramped, bonked, etc. That was 8 years ago, I've come along way. As much as I race Albion often I would love to spin around there for an 8 hour again.

So this brings back the what to do question. It's not going to alter my training much, just what day i sleep in a little more. I won't be making any decision for a few months but it does have me getting that craving to ride my bike, even if it's on the vomit machine. It doesn't take much.


John Bragdon said...

do the 100 miler.....ensures I'm one spot closer to podium for spring 8 ;)

Anonymous said...

Didn't you spin around Albion for 8 hours last year at Hot August Nights?