Thursday, January 13, 2011


With there still being months of indoor riding left and an email received yesterday involving music to make trainer life a bit easier I started to think about the things I use to keep me on the bike in a small room. Awww the infamous padded room that houses some of the most painful tools available. Why would anyone want to go into a room that inflicts pain, there must be alternative stimulation and distractions. I've done the music thing while watching old road races like the Tour. I've done the spinerval type stuff that shows others suffering just as much, yet again cranking up my own music to muffle out the sounds of pain. Been there, down that, bored with it. I've moved on.

Currently I'm on the Top Gear addiction, cranked up load the sounds of cars I will never afford, doing things that I would loose my licence if I attempted, mixed in with British humour seems to be the best distraction while I spin away. Each show being an hour it makes the long rides seem shorter, if need be 3 shows in a row can be handled. The thought of spinning for 3 hours indoors still makes me cringe and I know that it's on the agenda in the very near future.

Training is coming along about as well as it should be at this point. The longer than planned off season and the results of a double day of downhill sliding has left me with a few body parts that are a little mad at me but are beginning to come back in check. I'm back below that winter weight maximum allowance, it's much more fun putting on the weight than trying to take it off. It's only January, but the way time flies the snow will be gone in no time, trails and roads will be clear and racing will resume like it never ended. HMMMM what will I do today.

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