Saturday, January 15, 2011

Frame off

Or technically speaking, everything off the frame. It's a project that needed to be started, it's a project that I know will take much longer than I think it will.

This is actually the first round of biking cleaning that needs to be done, I started at one end of the bike rack and for some reason that rack is longer than I remember it. I still get stunned at how dirt gets into places that it just physically shouldn't be able to and as much as I think I do a great job cleaning the bike all summer it still seemed incredibly dirty once I got it apart.

Since I've decided to stay on the Anthem's for another season, what can I say I love them way to much, they feel good!!!!! I figured they have done great things for me through the worst conditions that I owed it to them for some hard core TLC. First off will be the buffing and polishing the frame, Some of that brushed aluminum may be not looking as brushed when I'm done with it, a weeeee bit more gleam in the sun. Next up will be touching up the war wounds from the last two seasons. There are a few good nicks out of the paint and as much as each one has it's story the memories won't be left on the bike. Matching up that orange may be a little bit of a challenge but I'm pretty sure I've seen a remake of an old domestic muscle car sporting the same colour.

Then comes that rebuild part, drive train, cables, bar tap etc etc. She will be all shiny and blinged out and return to her place on the wall when the process will be started again on the next Anthem, I'm hoping the winter will be here long enough for me to make it to the hardtail. The list of to do before the season begins seems to be growing longer and longer. HMMMM maybe I should be pouring my coffee and heading down to the basement to get at it. UMMMM Naw think I'll go skiing with the dogs instead. The trails will be unrideable for a little longer.

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