Monday, January 10, 2011

All that winter goodness

A weekend of enjoying all that Ontario winter can offer. While some would be hiding indoors because of the well below freezing temperatures we headed out for yet another adventure in the big back yard. With a car full of dogs and a roof box filled with skis we headed north west of the house to Awenda Park for some good classic miles. There were some rules broken this day, apparently dogs are not supposed to be on the trails of Awenda. I' m sorry, I had a pass. Everyone that we saw on the trails loved the idea that we were doing. When I say everyone this means 3 people. It's not exactly a hot spot. It's the location that discourages many.

The trails were in pretty good shape, it's not groomed very often. What was surprising was that we were the first people in a few days to do the big loop. As I said not exactly a packed trail. The big loop even included the loop around the lake. We chilled for a few moments to enjoy the views.

The dogs still had lots of energy at this point, the previous day's ski and snowshoe didn't wear them out. Today sure as hell would. Some great base miles put in with roughly 22 km of sliding along. As the last few km came together the dog's intensity dropped dramatically. There was no energizer bunny left, She was feeling about the same. When the question came up about adding a few more km there was a look given and I knew the answer before I even finished asking the question.

Maybe it's because I see winter being shorter than it's used to be, maybe it's me wanting to do anything physical in the snow besides riding a bike, the change up is great. It won't be long till I'm full force again with two wheels under my body. For now I'm racking up the miles I can on that stuff some might not call white gold. For now I am

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