Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stick a fork in it!!!!

That's all she wrote. The 2010 season is dead and buried and the outlook to 2011 has started. The detox has begun, the watch the food intake starts and time on the evil vomit machine will be beginning shortly. What will this year bring in the lines of racing? 2010 was a pretty successful season and topped 2009. Will the trend continue? I'm hoping so.

We brought the year in with a bang, slipping and sliding on sticks for the 2nd day in a row. No this is not going to be a trend because I'm currently watching the snow melt faster than it appeared a month ago. I'm concerned that there may not be much in the lines of any type of skiing in the next couple weeks. For some reason this season the ski resort area of my big back yard has less snow than everywhere else. Not good. The winter bike is ready to roll, lights are going to be charged and ready to roll. I'm hoping to do anything outside to avoid that mean machine in the padded room.

A few highlights for the 2010 season in general terms. Saw the podium in 3 out of the four 8 hour races, received my first ever piercing at the other one. Rode with the man that can't turn to the top spot at Solstice even with his evil stares of death. Found out that kittens die when you do something evil. Actually I didn't first hand witness but I assume that it would happen because I failed badly at the August 24 hour race and my dog got hit by a car because of it. HMMM That's just not right but life rolls on, the Molly Monster is firing on almost all cylinders again. As for the blog, numbers are up again. For some reason people keep coming back to hear about the crap I continue to put myself through. Thank you to all and I'll try and destroy myself more in 2011 for your amusement. Again thank you to all those that took care of me, sponsors, family, friends, etc. You know who you are and what you did, thank you.

Time for more coffee, the hamster wheel of boredom is calling. Rule number 7: Limber up. Tomorrow is going to hurt.

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