Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vomit blender???

What would happen? I really don't want to find out. I normally keep the padded room locked tight, keeping some locked in side and others locked out. Every once in a while the door doesn't fully close, sometimes while trapped in a room fully of craziness I get a visitor. The Molly Monster is very aware, she has been around the cycling world for a long time, she understands rules. Bob just doesn't even bother coming in, there is no food in there for him, pretty much kills any interest he might have had.

Then there is Doug, the inquisitive one. The one that has a water addiction, he's fallen in the bath tub more than once. He wants to be around people but has yet to learn consequences for all of his actions. The waxing the skis incident almost had him with a nice layer of glide wax on his paws. It is winter might not have been a bad thing, claws for grip. Well last night became one of those times that had me a little concerned. Stuck on that vomit machine for some miscellaneous leg turning stuff he managed to get into the room. His normal spot on top of the tv didn't seem to amuse him today as he wandered around the 12x12 room. My eyes following as he got closer and closer. Yep closer and closer to the bike I was on that happen to have the rear wheel spinning at a high rate of speed. I questioned how smart he might be at this point.

What would happen? What would be the results of someone sticking their nose or limb someplace it shouldn't be. I was not planning on finding out, first the hint from my voice. Didn't do much, the hypnotic ability of a bicycle wheel had his interest, I can't be critical of that nor can most of us. He came closer, I started to be ready, closer, SCREECCCH to a stop, scoop up the hairball, a gentle slide out the door, with wax would have been farther and pushed the door firmly closed. The vomit machine potentially had a new name. An old saying was almost modified. Curiosity did not kill the cat. Stupidity killed the cat, curiosity got blamed.

Body is coming around, not feeling very zombie like anymore after a couple good nights sleep. Some good hours are on the agenda this week, some indoors more hopefully outdoors.

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