Sunday, January 9, 2011

multitasking of sports

The start of each seemed to lead to the next, my initial plan was interrupted with the influence of Mother Nature. The dogs and I headed out for the first skate ski on Georgian Bay. Some fresh snow lead to a very narrow path made by snowmobiles. This didn't really affect the dogs much as they barreled across the ice. For me with my high technical skating skills made for some extra work. As we made our way out to the ice hut village that grows at the edge of town the decision on how far to go was made. As much as I know the area and the ice I knew things weren't perfect. All the rain and crazy temperatures a couple weeks ago had screwed up the current and broke open the channel. No long ski out there for me. Turned back down the bay towards home.

Round two, found me on the single speed touring around town up and down every hill. Felt good riding, legs opened up and I was able to finish the time needed. This lead to the next adventure with She. There was an attempt to meet up with Mr Watson also early afternoon with snowshoes but some miss communication, running a few minutes behind and very slow text response by our amazing cell phone companies caused the failure. I think we would have had a better chance screaming Marco and waiting for the Polo response coming from the forest. I guess it's true that life does move a little slower in our area and this includes the cell network.

She and I hiked up and down the hills of Copeland chasing three dogs. To help Tristan keep up, Molly (mine), Rogue (Shannon's), Ash(Mom's) joined in for the day. We let the dogs make the decision on where we went. Of course I kept my bearings since every random animal track had us heading in no set direction for very long. I did try and hint the dogs up some of the steeper parts of the trail. The end goal was to tire them as much as we could. An hour and a half later we stepped out to the car.

For me this ended up with a good collection of hours of the return to being fit. Today is looking like a great day to play again. The sun is up, the coffee tastes great and the dogs are looking tired which means they need to be run until exhaustion. Yes I'm a cruel man and the dogs LOVE IT.

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