Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Spak calendar

The count down to the end of winter has begun, yes people it has begun. Not that I'm anxious yet, there is plenty of skiing to still do but the calendar is getting shorter. Now I will say that my winter calendar is probably different then yours. Mine will not be effected by a stupid little rodent looking for his shadow, it won't be influenced by an official number on the calendar stating the first day of spring. Nope, mine is based on the pile of wood in the basement. Last year I will say that my calendar was a little off, winter was over before the last piece of wood was burned. That's a good thing.

This year things are on track for warm weather early yet again. Yes I do have back up but I won't needed it. This had me down in the dungeon last night working away at bike number one. I can't get to bike number two or three or four until number one is finished. I opted out of a snowshoe to give the hip flexors a little break from the weekends indoor session. 6 hours indoors seems to play a little toll on the body. There are no stop signs, downhills, or turns indoors. No coasting, my strength. This is also the reason I'm attempting to avoid the bike until the weekend. The skis are waxed, the dog needs a run, winter is counting down. Lots of skiing to be done. Right now coffee to be drank and stretching to be done.

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