Saturday, January 29, 2011

Counting down till play time

It's the weekend and like usual the temperature has dropped over night. What to do what to do. Commitments have been made for the Joyride Friday night with the ladies. Shannon is looking forward to it and I've been trying to muster up a few buddies to ride around with while the swarm of ladies rip up the place. There was a little concern that the women could show a few of us up. I do have flashbacks to last year when the owners daughter decided to school a few of us on the intermediate jump line, thanks Rachel.

Another commitment has been made, I'm heading south to the Frostbike race. I'm getting excited about this. Seeing some friends, ride some bikes, ride someplace different. This has put a fire under my butt to get the Anthem done. It's not that I'll be riding it, more to start working on the hard tail which will be the bike of choice for the weekend. The time is counting down, It's already the end of January. Winter is getting closer to the end, race season is closing in quickly. Time flies.

Time to exhaust some dogs.

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