Sunday, January 2, 2011

Countdown to the pain

I could have and I should have but I didn't. The option was there but I took option B instead of A. Why did I skip the better option than the one I took? Because I would have dogged it had I taken option A. So what was option B that I so willingly jumped on board with? It has a funny name, I normally hate it, actually I still do. I jumped on the vomit machine. With perfect outdoor weather to ride despite the blasts of rain I chose to pedal to no where with a little structure.

I know what you're thinking, a thaw in January with clear roads and you decided to stay inside but it was the best option. A controlled ride at some set wattage points to try and make the legs feel half decent. Had I been outside I would have toured, I know it. I would have been more interested at looking around than even trying to stay in a zone. So with the distraction of some Top Gear I turned my legs. What is the reasoning to all this, well it's that stupid test that must be done. IT's happening today, ARRGGGGG.

I know that it's going to hurt, I know I'll suffer in the last few minutes, Shannon has been warned that it's usually not a pretty site near the end, I'm still going to do it. I'm staying indoors away from everything that could potentially scrub the attempt. My strained ankle got me out of it last month, Christmas took up the middle time line, I know I can't run from it. I can't run if I cut off my leg right?? Do I have an idea of what to expect? Wattage wise yes, Heartrate is the one I'm pretty sure will be changing a little.

The countdown has begun, it's down to hours now. This pain will probably be easier than the pain of returning to work tomorrow. Back to full routine tomorrow including early morning posts.

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