Saturday, January 8, 2011

Looking out the window

Finally reconnected to the cyber world. Technology is great until it fails. Training has resumed to it's usual January pace and with the return of winter the thoughts of two wheels will be replaced with 2 planks of wood. This also brings upon the thought of how long winter is or in some cases how short it can feel. I know it's cold and I know there is the extra energy needed to deal with things like clearing the driveway but it's still such a short part of the year. It's already almost mid January and that means only a couple months left of true winter. If it's anything like last year by the beginning of March we were on clear roads.

Am I anxious to be out riding, of course, will I miss the snow when it's gone. Yes and no. It's been pretty easy so far this year, just enough snow to do all those fun wintery things, not enough that I want to use snowblowing as part of my training. Maybe that's the reason I'm loving the snow still.

It's Saturday,it's calm and quiet in the house, 2 dogs sleeping, 2 cats sleeping, time to wreck it. The first round of snow adventure must be done. My skate skis are calling my name and the dogs are looking like they need a reason to be sleeping on the couch.

More tomorrow.

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Tristan Spurr said...

I think I may be out of the loop. When did you get two dogs? I remember you buying Watson but he's a pussy not a dog..,, so confused Spak, I feel like we don't know each other anymore.