Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The return to MNS

It was the return to routine, Monday nights can be the busiest night of the week and usually one of the more entertaining ones. The normal visit to Dr. Bill for some fix-me-up stuff before heading into the dark. It was the first return to the Monday Night Something in a few weeks and it seemed that everyone was looking forward to the play time. Another random spot on the side of the road was picked with some random forest in the middle of nowhere that just happen to beside some outdoor activity place. We have been here before and it's always fun.

For some reason the rumors of what type of antics happen during these 1 hour tours of the woods may have been exaggerated, Scott showed up dressed for battle even wearing a helmet. I'm not sure what stories may have been told that for his own safety he felt this was necessary. I will admit that there have been times that a helmet may have been a good idea. After a few minutes of comments we were off and like usual we all fought to keep up with Deathmarch Liz who went off in her normal pace, this pace is fast. Shannon joined in the fun tonight and I was happy that she stayed near the back. I'm still very concerned that if her and Liz team up at the front of the pack that a few of the guys may get dropped (me included) and with talks of the new cougars that may be in the area this is a bit of a nerving thing for some frail cyclists.

Up and down and over the hills we go until we all came to an halting stop. A few seconds later the words came out but someone misunderstood what was said and nobody corrected the comment. Of course a dare was laid down but to who the dare was laid and to who actually attempted it lead to the reason Scott probably wore a helmet.

Yes that is someone climbing up a ladder with snowshoes, no that is not me who was dared to do it. Because it wasn't a double dog dare I wasn't interested even with money being laid down. Now Tristan on the other hand didn't even hesitate about the ladder, we all stepped back just in case. He is a big guy and would probably crush a few of us if he fell. 9-1- was dialed with itchy fingers ready to complete the phone call. For those that know Tristan know why we were prepared. Yet again he did his walk on water skills and climbed something that shouldn't be attempted with snowshoes on with no problems what so ever.

A few more lefts and rights had us return to the car's not as close as we should have been and there were attempts to stay just a little to the right of the road hoping that nobody was paying attention. DML was bang on with her first loop but the second attempt was out by about 100 feet. Time to change those gps batteries.

It was yet another great Monday evening, the dogs were run, stories were told, She had fun. Next Monday will be yet another fun night from the rumors that have been started. I'm binging a helmet and body armor.

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