Friday, January 14, 2011

Science Experiment

How long does it take water to freeze? More specific how long does it take a water bottle to freeze beyond use. Working on my man ride points last night had me roll out of the driveway under the cover of darkness. In the sun light minus 10 isn't all that bad for riding, unfortunatly the moon doesn't seem to be able to heat the body the same way. Because of that the clothing selection was a little more thought out. After the workout of getting dressed, putting on multiple layers seems to be a yoga work out itself, I took a big gulp from my bottle, little did I know that would be the last one for a while.

Headed north, because when it's cold you always head north right? Between the dense air and the planned active recovery ride the pace was, well, it was as slow as molasses. It took less than 10 minutes for my glasses to become useless, I don't believe Oakley planned the design to work with a balaclava. The steam from my breath being rerouted left this great haze in my vision so off they came, it took only a few minutes for my eyes to freeze open. I had yet to check the water bottle at this point. Rough guess, frozen.

The roads have been in great shape for riding this year. This is a bit of a bad thing. It's winter and there really hasn't been that much snow, especially in my area. There may be 6 inches of snow in my yard, not much for January, it should normally be a few feet. I'm not complaining but yet I am. I like winter. This has made those 700c touring tires be the wheel of choice right now.

As I made my way back from the far north side of Port Severn the winter chill started to set in. The layering had worked till this point but the toes started to lose the battle and the fingers were starting to follow. I was pushing the max limit of time that the clothing selection can handle, luckily I was on the return side of the ride. As I rolled back into the driveway 90 minutes after I left I glanced at the water. There was still movement inside. At first I wondered if the vibration had stopped it from becoming a solid. It was an illusion, it was brick solid except for a very narrow section in the center. Why did I even waste my time bringing a bottle with me. After the initial drink I didn't touch it again until I was home. It added weight that wasn't needed. Maybe it's a mental thing, knowing that there is something to drink if needed. Of course it would have been cruel punishment not being able to actually get fluids out of the bottle.

Yet another collection of miles added, what will the weekend bring?

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