Thursday, January 20, 2011

Man down

Halted my plans last night to stare blankly and force some extra rest into the body. Feeling a bit off and with sore legs from the facial release the night before I found myself craving the bed. With lots of sick people around at this time of year and a few people that have colds I wasn't risking turning a little thing into something big. I'm not a pleasant person when I'm sick, there is much to do this week, Sick is not in the options.

Waking up back to normal and with my legs probably thanking me for not making them do anything more than carry body weight training will resume. This is probably a good thing because the infamous Molly Monster is needing a good run. The dog that the surgeon said will never walk normal again unless we do what she recommended. Hmmm interesting how Molly walks with next to no signs of any type of injury and is better shape now than last fall. Time to drink some coffee and do that work thing

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