Sunday, January 23, 2011

Needing out of the cage

Mother Nature is pushing the limits of this Mid Ontario born kid. I grew up in the cold, I like the cold, I play out in the cold, it's to dam cold for this guy. How cold is to cold, minus 25 in the sun is way to cold. This forces me indoors, willingly. Of course having a dog guard the door to keep me on the trainer helps.

I attempted to throw bottles at her but the Molly Monster is a tough cookie and wouldn't budge. 3 hours of a mix of Top Gear and a video of a previous 8 hour race had me thinking about warmer days. Days of clear roads and awesome single track. Days of riding and actually getting somewhere. Days where you catch a little air off a log. Days where you glide effortlessly along at 40 km/h, with a tail wind of course.

This got me thinking road trip, unfortunately time is limited so there will be no trip to the states for me but there is a great alternative. Yep it's Joyride time. They also happen to be having a great event coming up in the very near future.

Yes I know it's a women's weekend, She (Shanno) is going. I will be playing in other areas of the park. Ladies, here is a great way for you to learn to ride a little better, learning from other women. No pressure of the boyfriend/husband trying to show you things. Just women helping women. Of course I can put the guy thoughts in here also.For all the single guys around, there is 100 women registered where else might you find that many women on bikes at one time.

So the count down for some indoor rolling play time has begun. This will be good indoor time, not like what is about to happen. Round 2 of the padded room. Not fun.

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