Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Walking slowly

As simple as it sounds putting one foot in front of another can be more of a challenge than one may think. My legs and body were showing the results of the weekend activity and then with a shot of Dr. Bill treatment I was pretty much feeling like a zombie. Just a perfect way to feel before heading out for a snowshoe with the MNS crew. It seemed I wasn't the only one feeling a little weak but this didn't seem to slow the group down, not at first as we climbed the side of what felt like Mt. Everest. I will say that the first climb was worth it for a pretty cool decent that was almost shocking nobody died on. This lead to more random climbs that hurt when the question came out. "How long have we been out?"

What was good was that this didn't come from me. I did have the answer but I didn't want to share the truth. I could have lied, I should have lied or at least exaggerated the time a little but for some stupid reason I told the truth. Dammit. We kept pushing along but the pace did drop a little, not much though as we had fears of the cold. Not just a little cold but a lot of cold. It was the type of cold that gave you only two choices, work hard and stay warm or move slow and risk freezing to the side of a tree permanently. Even exhausted I knew my answer to that one. A few took this option to the extreme and started racing up the side of hills, my thought on this. I'm tired, I could chase but if I run out of energy out here which is a real possibility I will then move even slower which will mean I'll get cold which lead to me stopping then freezing to a tree where some random cougar or bear will eat me. Screw it, you don't have to be the fastest you just need to keep moving. Let the other's risk becoming food.

We all made it back, the last 10 minutes pretty much in silence. Strong chance that everyone started thinking the same way I was. Training has pretty much begun for most of us, it's showing it's results. A good night sleep will hopefully recharge the body.

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