Saturday, January 22, 2011

To cold for, almost everything

I'm looking, I'm debating, I hiding back beside the fire right now. It's minus 25 here at 7am, after my thoughts involving the Frostbike race and a fairly long training ride needed for the day I'm wondering if I'm really tough enough to even consider riding outside today. What is going through my mind is the windchill factor. Minus 25 while doing 25 km/h not including any natural wind chill is -38 according to this great little calculator. That's cold. That's colder than what I think I can dress for and physically still be able to pedal. The man ride points are not worth it. Even with hot pockets I don't think I would be able to keep feeling in my feet for very long. So that kills the idea of riding HMMM well I could try something else.

Snowshoeing is out, that is on the to do list tomorrow with a few of the MNS crew and the dogs. So what about xc skiing. First up classic skiing. I looked at my grip wax collection which continues to get larger and larger. I'm looking at the temperatures of each and green is about the only thing looking as a potential. Potential is understating things. It might work it probably won't. First off my grip zone has to be perfect and in these conditions the last thing I want to do is attempt to adjust things on the trail. Way to cold to be doing stupid things like re-waxing out on the trail. So classic is not looking very promising. Then comes glide wax, like grip I have a huge collection for every condition and temperature, hmmm I might be able to make it work but it's still way colder than what most are designed to work well in. HMMM no glide mixed with questionable grip means shuffling my feet and not really moving very far, classic fail.

This leads into skate, if the glide is questionable on classic this almost kills it on skate, well at least for me. I can see uncontrollable heart rate as I fight for any type of forward movement. I won't even go any father than that. I hate saying it but staying indoors on a winter days looking like the only option. The vomit machine of death is looking like a comfy lazy boy chair right now and a few hours of Top Gear is in order to kill the boredom. I have a few more minutes to make my final decision on what I'll do but I doubt anything is going to change by 8 am. Oh wait maybe the wind will pick up and it will start snowing.

Think I better drink more coffee to get my head into it. Maybe I should stop and stay in a haze for the morning. HMMMM tough decision.

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