Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Safe on second.

As I become friends again with the hamster wheel I realized how much I prefer to be outside. Unfortunately there are certain things that are just a little bit safer to attempt in the safety of a padded room. I can just see the bad results of last nights speed work out had it been attempted on a snow covered roads. Spin-ups would become spin outs as even my weak legs still have enough strength to over power the traction of some touring tires. Drifting may be fun in a car but on a bike around cars is just a little beyond my nerve.

Spinups are one thing, all body extension are attached to the bike. Step it up a level with some one legged stuff and you just know this would go horribly wrong. I can see the wheels coming out from underneath me and of course I would slide out in the direction of the still clipped in leg. Crashing at speed onto a non giving surface. I get road rash and bruises just thinking about it. Instead of severely abusing my body for the thrill of outdoor movement I opted for the safe side of things and spun on the rollers while watching Top Gear where they slid cars around that I will only continue to dream about.

After some manipulation from a secondary source the legs are starting to feel really good. A few quirks were found that was caused by the double day of downhill excitement caused. I'm screwed now because my love of coasting is starting to prove to be bad for me. First the skis, could it be bikes next, I really don't want to become a climber, I like decending.

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