Monday, October 4, 2010


Yes life seems to always be about balance, sometimes in a large scale, sometimes with little things. In this case it was the day's of the weekend. After a crap Saturday I was hoping for a better day, yep I got it.

I decided to pass on the enduro prequel ride, with the sun out I hammered away at the pile for firewood. Great motivation, drop the pile in a spot in the driveway that has the vehicle trapped in until the last piece is moved. After a few more hours of grunt work I needed to reward myself. I flipped a coin and the trials won.

Headed to Copeland forest for a nice spin on the Anthem. I brought music but for some reason I never put the head phones on. I just rode and enjoyed the silence. I was surprised it was that quiet since the parking lot was packed. Maybe everyone realized that it won't be long before spotting the trails will almost be impossible.

The leaves are falling fast, didn't stop me from having some fun with a couple downhill sessions. Didn't hit the berms this time but the new run closer to Pine Ridge. At the bottom I reminded myself that this is not the place to try an open it up. I still had that bug from Friday night in me. The only thing is that I'm completely alone, there is no ski patrol, and I'm in the middle of no where. Yep not the place to ride like a lunatic. I did look for the ski lift though a couple times on the climbs.

The day continued to be highlighted with little things, chill time in the sun room with the sun still up, finding an older movie I've been searching for, and to top it off a 46 tooth chain ring that I didn't know I had that has now made it's way onto the cross bike.

Yep, it was a well balanced weekend.

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