Saturday, October 2, 2010

Following the rules

Following the rules yesterday, well some of them at least. To say it didn't take much convincing to go riding yesterday. Loaded the bike on the car and headed south with one of the Anthem's on the roof. Destination Horseshoe Valley. Three of us showed up early like eager beaver's wearing funny looking bike shorts and as many layers of upper body clothing as possible. The big bulky clothes were for two reasons, first it was cold and going to get colder as the evening went on. 2nd was to make us look as physically big as possible so we could blend in with the downhillers. Yep frail little xc racers with no upper body stand out in the world of baggy shorts and full face helmets.

After a little skills test, I wonder if we impressed the guy with the fact that we rode up the hill to the test area and yes we passed it was time to make the first climb to the top.

Yep I like this type of climbing,

Can you see the excitement on our faces??? Mr. Watson was the mastermind of the idea and Mrs. Simmons was more than happy to leave her husband working away at the Trek Store to join us.

After being told to stay away from one section of trails, which we did eventually go on, it was over to the intermediate trails. As a good description of riding, everything becomes more technical if you just go faster. There were a couple different trail splits and each one kept us smiling. This coasting thing is so much fun.

2.5 hours of climbing and descending lead to 3000 feet of playing. Yes I wore my hr monitor just for curiosity. I've never climbed so well. This place is so much fun, there were talks of season passes and cravings of bikes with more travel. Tammy was riding a hardtail, myself on a 4 inch travel xc bike. Both can be used there with no problems, yes there are jumps and yes the transitions are smooth enough to land on these bikes. Andrew was rocking the perfect bike for this place. I don't think any of us are looking at switching to downhill racing, yet!!!

Had a chance to meet one of the trail builders, he has big ideas that will continue to grow the area. What they have done to this point is amazing. If you get the chance to go before the end of the season it's well worth it.

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