Saturday, October 16, 2010

Power house? Not really

The reason's you never hear about my upper body and core workouts. First off I just don't do them, there were attempts a few years ago and lets just say that my body yelled at me so badly that I thought I would be scared emotionally. An interesting side of it though is that I don't have an upper body of a 12 year old girl and it doesn't strain me to pick up anything heavier than a xc bike.

This is part of what I do everyday.

That tub assembly weighs about as much as I do and that machine in total weighs as much as the podium finishers at the last race combined. Yep, my daily life has me wrestling large washing machines with one hand and pushing car size refrigerator's around like a pimp does his. Ok won't go there. Mix that in with those other days filled with firewood splitting and moving in the fall, snow removing my slightly larger than normal driveway in the winter, yardworking in the spring and summer etc, adding in much more would probably kill me.

As the fall off season halfway training stuff is about to start kicking in the temptation to put a weight bench into the basement crossed my mind. Of course my concern is this.

Yep, I'd be just huge and it could potentially slow me down with all that extra weight. As much as my shallow side wants to look jacked for photo opps I've decided to scratch the idea for yet another year. I'll continue to bench press microwaves and dishwashers for a little longer.

Sun is out, looks warmish, time for a quick ride to get the legs fired up for tomorrow.

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