Thursday, October 7, 2010


Yesterdays confusion of the body left the body in a dazed mode, I'm not fully blaming the skates and my unorthodox ideas of training for the day. The warmth of the sun and the lack of wind also sucked the will to push to hard. It was one of those perfect days to be on the road, remembering the fall riding rules!!!

Headed out along Quarry Road with a half way thought out route, it took only a few minutes for me to realize that skipping the cross race was a great idea. Leg's were lacking in horsepower and when I did attempt to run what I brung the heart rate stayed in the bottom of the tank. Decided to ride at the pace that allowed both to be screwed up and just enjoy the scenery.

As I rolled through Coldwater I had to options, ride on the semi flat road that's going to be full shade and cold OR head straight up the hill on Vasey line followed by a farm type concession but staying in the warm fall sunshine. I had no coin to toss, there was no burning bush to guide me, it was a tough decision. Cold and easy or warm and hard. HMMM why does that sound dirty all of a sudden. Well my sick twisted mind always takes over and up the hill I went. Yet another great fall ride.

I am a little disappointed in the response of other's on my attempted cross training. HMMM

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