Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm up at the same time as normal but it's beginning to get more difficult to get rolling in the morning. The fact that I beat the sun up every morning this week. I'm not expecting much of an attempt from the sun for at least the next 4 months.

Molly agrees

It means mornings of more light, more coffee, more coffee and more coffee, while attempting not to go into the natural thing of hibernation.

It's looking like a fantastic weekend ahead, a weekend of great fall weather, great fall riding in a different area with different people topped off with a great fall eating tradition. Road trip to Ottawa this weekend. Unfortunately this means I'm skipping the local enduro on Saturday. Original plan was to ride/race it then head east but the though of spending 5 hours in the car right after a 4-5 hours on the bike at this time of the year really didn't impress me much. Rolling into Ottawa at 8-9 pm eating the next morning and leaving would really not impress my family much either.

So plans have been changed, a tour of some Ottawa trails on Saturday will be guided by the Vegan Vagabound. It will be a chance to get out with some old friends. Looking forward to the change of scenery. The road bike will also be strapped to the roof of the car and I've tentatively mapped out a road ride that could include a couple water crossings, these happen to have a boat to bring you across. The way it should be. Mix all that in with a great winding road on the way out and a possible detour drive on the way back the weekend is looking up.

Bag's are not packed, car is not packed, coffee is tasting great!!!!

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