Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thoughts about things to come

That mini blast of snow on Thursday evening may have reality checked a lot of people. The worst thing is most know it's coming but continue to deny things for as long as possible and with winters seeming to start a little later the last few years maybe many are getting a little soft. Not this fella, the ocd over planner workaholic who is now done racing his bike for the season and not really riding much means I have so much spare time on my hands I almost don't know what to do. Wait yes I have a plan for that.

The blast in October is nothing new, to give people the shivers of what could happen. I've been on the ski hills of Horseshoe sliding around on Nov 8th once with Mt. St. Louis opening a few days later on the 15th. It was a great year when I was in one of my previous lives as a full time ski instructor at MSL . That particular year on this exact same weekend, ski swap weekend at MSL and Hardwood was a weekend of reality checks in weather. Went into the bar around 10pm with rain pouring down washing my then hot rod Honda Civic. Summer rims on, no predictions of snow for that day, excited for the ski school meeting the next morning. 3.5 hours later coming out to the bar with the crowds and all of us with that stunned what the hell just happened look on our faces. 2-3 inches of wet heavy snow lining everything. Took an hour to get up the main street hill, the car in 3rd gear tires screaming there way through the snow begging for traction in the pavement below. It turned into a long winter that year.

Last year was a start very similar, at least in this area. I live in that area that traps that winter streamer, what ever snow you have fall in your yard, add a few inches then a few more and that's what I'll be getting. I'd been using my snowblower for a solid month last year before the city of Barrie was even told that winter was here. I don't mind, I do like the snow even though my driveway does have it's moments. Anyone looking for a part time job clearing it for me??

So why the talk of winter, well it's time to start preping for winter thrills. Road trip to Hardwood again this weekend for the ski swap, a 2nd pair of classics are on the need list amongst the things on the want list. I can take this time away from the house with no regrets as other's are now scrambling. While the line up to get the snow tires on is growing at every tire dealership, I've already done it. Along with making sure the snowblower is working perfect, firewood is stacked in the wood room of the house, wine rack is filling in, storm windows are up. Basically everything is ready to go if it snowed tomorrow. That said I would prefer it doesn't. I like the snow but it must hold off till after the antirace. I think it could confuse the Misfit crew. It could be a weird day seeing them go from one gear to one ski or snowshoe. Drinking would most definitely be needed.

On that note, time to step my head outside and see what the weekend has to offer. This could include an easy spin on the bike. Just maybe.

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