Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The things you find with out looking

Chilling and surfing a little and I came across this. Flash backs of a fun day. Was my only time to be ahead of Jon Barnes, at least for the distance the camera covered.

Then there was this. Most are in the know, some may not be. The race to end all races. The best way to finish up a season and it all leads into a night if you do it right you won't remember.

The newest most up to date info is HERE. You need to go to this event so Peter won't be standing in the parking lot alone. Last year close to 30 were there to help Peter's loneliness. Yes there will be beer.

1 comment:

Peter Keiller said...

anyone who doesn't finish will win the inaugural "SPAKIE".

btw. people who hear voices are never alone.