Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cleaning my UMMM big wheels

With the weekend approaching very quickly I wandered my way down in the basement, what will I ride. It is the Antirace so anything carbonish is pretty much frowned upon. With the weather not looking all that great and having a little knowledge of the area the Anthem's and the XC Carbon will stay at home in their newly cleaned up state. The decision on which bike was made as I made my way through that scrub down put away for the winter type cleaning.

Not all them got it for that just in case type ride but I was down to only a couple options left, the cross bike which in some cases could almost be the bike of choice if there is any hike a bike to happen. Hoping not. In the end it has come down to this.

It has big wheels, it has minimal gears, it has very little suspension travel. It's my big old 29'er. Yes I've drank kool aid once. it was spiked and ended up with a bad hang over. The 26 inch SS is still under construction, being my bike for Joyride bike it's coming together slowly. After a few minutes of scrubbing of the cobwebs and half way tuning. Didn't take long to get the derailleur and suspension set I'm pretty much ready for the weekend.

While cleaning the bikes had I only seen this first. Does it work for bikes? Does it come with the models?

I know not really related but thought it was hilarious.

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