Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Food and riding. A perfect match!!

There is apparently no internet in Ottawa, ok maybe not. I was slacking with things like sleeping in, doing nothing, eat and some riding mixed in. This is the good part of the weekend rundown. Actually the whole weekend was phenomenal but I'll go off on a rant about the actual drive in a day or two.

After recovering from 5 plus hours in the car Friday night the best way to do that is to ride some trail you have never been on before. The brother-in-law and I met up with Tanya and Scott at 2pm in P7. The plan was to spin out to Camp Fortune. My vast knowledge of it consisted of knowing they run a weekly race series there, that's about it. So after the bestest way to start a ride, about a 10 minute climb right out of the parking lot we started to hit up the first sections of singletrack.

Rick pointing out where the trail used to be, lot's of leaves down made for some interesting sections. It's amazing how a 3 foot hole can disappear under one leaf.
I will say that I like Ottawa area, single women seem to just show up no matter where you are. We ended up having Heather and Julie join our group, they were Fortune newbies also. If I only lived closer.

At the top of the CBC climb. From here the fun began. This was one of the rare times when I think it took longer to go down the hill than it did to climb. Some amazing trails, big rocks. Let's rephrase that, huge rocks. Think of racing Buckwallow but now on a hill. Sorry for the lack of pictures of the trails themselves.

After 3 hours of play we rolled back to the parking lot. Attempts were made to distract Tanya away from finally moving into her new place on Sunday were made. Camp Fortune, FUN!!! Thank you for the tour.

Sunday was a change of disciplines as the road bikes came out. The area we were is known to be very windy and Rick has a very unorthodox riding style. We headed out with a cross wind which soon after a turn to the left became a great tail wind. What ends up happening, Rick hammers, full out. "I kill it while it's fun and then just try and survive the ride back into the wind" I let him kill himself knowing exactly what was going to happen. And it did.

As we turned to the left again his pace weakened a bit, no more upper 40km/h speeds. The big open fields gave very little buffer of the wind. It was going to be a little bit slower on the return line. Ya Rick was tucked in what little draft I'm able to make for him. After the fun on the trails yesterday I really planned on staying in endurance for the whole ride. The head wind made it tough and except for a section on the highway that I just wanted to get done as quickly as possible.

A great 2.5 hour pre eat a lot dinner ride finished up a great weekend. I'm a little sore today, not from the riding though, 12-13 hours of driving over the weekend has my body in craving of a long stretching session. the body is feeling as twisted as my mind.

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The Vegan Vagabond said...

Some uh, flattering shots you got of me there, Matt...

Thanks for the ride, it was much more fun than moving boxes around.