Thursday, October 14, 2010

How about to the right?

Since I was lame and failed at any attempt of riding last night, I was tempted, I was willing, I even went to a place to ride (minus a bike) but all those attempted thoughts ended up being a failure. I did register for the last officially scheduled race though, more on that later. I figure my rant yesterday, like a long race is something that is worthy of two days.

Turns obviously scare people and because of their turns inadequacy you would feel that they would warn people of this. How often do you see people actually using their signal? Ok what about using it properly? What is properly? This means before you come turn, before you touch your brakes and begin to slow down, before you have entered the lane the signal comes on. I love the people that roll into a left turn lane, stop at the light then turn on their signal. Signals are warnings of your intentions no pretty yellow strobe lights that are only to be used when that good song comes on and you feel like dancing in the car.

I sometimes wondered if signals were options for certain model cars, the more you spent the better chance you would get them included in the luxury package with sat nav and leather seats but I see equal numbers of failures in both Cadillac's as I do in Kia's. Hmmm so since they seems to be standard in all vehicles you would think people would be inclined to use them. Hell you paid for it, might as well.

Now speaking of stop lights, is it me or has the percentage of red light runners increased dramatically in the last little while? I'd be safe to say that 50% of the major intersection red lights will have at least one car run through. What is the reason? Not paying attention? HMMM scary thought. Feels that the red light only applies to certain people on certain days? Blue eyed people get a pass on the even days of the month. Normally the speed that people are heading towards the light is low enough that braking would be easy with ABS brakes would not even be remotely strained. There are points lost for running a red light. Potential accident to if someone ever decided to move when their light turned green and made an example of some of these people.

So enough about going slow, what about life on the highway. First up CRUISE CONTROL people!!!! Since people seem to be afraid of the lateral g force it also seems that forward momentum seems to build up pressure on their body forcing them to lift their foot off the gas pedal and pulse their speed up and down. HMMM so since they can't turn maybe they can't use the gas pedal properly either. Cruise control would solve that. I bet you would see less traffic tie up's on the highway. Mix that in with people driving in the proper lane and highway flow would be amazing.

Yes lane use, that wonderful left lane, STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT!!!! unless you are passing a car then put your signal on and head back to the right. That is a passing lane not a driving lane. I love it when I come up behind two vehicles side by side at the same speed. They don't know each other but thought they would share a moment on the road and try to merge together. Nascar drafting only works when you're one in front of another.

Little side notes for you to watch. The colour beige or champagne is usually linked to old or slow drivers. Buick, Oldsmobile and Toyota Camry's are speed limited to 10 under the limit. There is no age zone for bad habit drivers but I do find more 40-50 year olds have a problem with the lane option and the signal option. The under 30 crowd seems to feel they are invincible and the world will stop for them if they don't stop for the light.

With winter coming I could go on a different rant about winter drivers but I'll save that for another day. I will do my very best to do something bike related today and step away from the car stuff tomorrow.

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